About Us

A Community for Sharing, Learning, and Promoting Expertise

We are a community of people helping people.  A place where experts, authors, consultants, speakers, and passionate people share their expertise with the world.  A place where people seek knowledge and connections for help.


Many people have so much knowledge to share.  We want to do our best to create a vibrant community which helps each other.  Whether you are a programming expert, excellent at repairing bicycles, or  maybe you’re a coupon aficionado.


Anyway, you don’t need a PhD (although they’re welcome here), and you don’t need to be a published author, to offer your advice (although, we would like to publish and promote your expertise and books if you’ll just claim an expertise.


At the end of the day it’s about people helping people, and we hope to make those connections happen. Whether you ask a question and wait patiently for an answer, you stumble on a few articles that address your point of interest, or you find an expert profile and connect with them on Twitter- we’re here to help.


Of course the site is a work in progress, so please don’t hesitate to give us some feedback. You can email us at customerservice@experts123.com.


Thank You.

The Experts123 Team facilitating the Experts123 Community.