Chad McKay · 4 Answers
Agree to Allan Octesa! Koh Samui seems to be a piece of paradise on Earth. After a hectic work year, this was the perfect place to be with ... more
Chad McKay · 1 Vote · 8 Answers
Many Americans visiting the Philippines are rich businessmen there to do their business thing. Such folks feel comfortable staying in the ...
Tom Wagner · 5 Votes
One might think that they are reserving a room at a golf club when booking into Graceland Resort and Country Club in Tayabas, Quezon ...
Tom Wagner · 3 Votes
I’d like to tell you of all the virtues of the Island province of Palawan. Unfortunately, we spent our entire time there in Puerto ...
Tom Wagner · 3 Votes
Reggae and ska music played a little too loudly, semi-tropical décor, fake thatched roofs wherever they can be used without interfering ...
I have been wolfing down Compari's food for the past 35 years, and the food hasn't changed one iota in all that time, nor has the décor. ...
Tom Wagner · 1 Vote

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