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Of course Tel Aviv is a great place to visit.  It is a small city located in the Mediterranean coastline of Israel and is a global ... more
Many Americans visiting the Philippines are rich businessmen there to do their business thing. Such folks feel comfortable staying in the ...
Tom Wagner · 5 Votes
One might think that they are reserving a room at a golf club when booking into Graceland Resort and Country Club in Tayabas, Quezon ...
Tom Wagner · 3 Votes
I’d like to tell you of all the virtues of the Island province of Palawan. Unfortunately, we spent our entire time there in Puerto ...
Tom Wagner · 3 Votes
Having recently visited the Philippines for the first time—and being a white American with no experience flying overseas—I think I have ...
Caitlyn Ervin · 3 Answers
I think the most appropriate place to stay in Tel Aviv Israel is boutique hotels. The boutique hotels in Tel Aviv have the best interior ... more
This technically is named ANTHONY C. BEILENSON PARK but I think everyone still thinks of it as Balboa Park or Balboa Lake Park.  (not to ...
Frank Bell · 2 Votes
Hopefully this guide will help you with your trip!
This guide is really about when you get to the park but if you have never been at all then a quick overview: • Legoland is designed for ...
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