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    An antique is defined as an object that was created in an earlier time period. These objects can range anywhere from collectibles such as baseball cards or oil lamps to war memorabilia or toy trains. Many of these antiques can become collectors’ pieces and can fetch quite a sum on the antiquities market. Here are the top-10 antiques worth collecting.

    1. Buttons
      At first glance, buttons might seem like an odd sort of collectible; however, many antique buttons are hand-crafted and are designed with intricate detail, making them an item worth collecting. Buttons made from different materials were produced in different eras or possess intricate detail, many telling a story. A Civil War button, for example, is considered a valuable antique given the history and era it came from.
    2. Books
      Old books, particularly first editions, are quite a popular and lucrative antique to collect. The value of a book depends on its age, edition and condition. For example, a first edition book written by Mark Twain could be worth thousands of dollars. As with antique buttons, antique books tell a story making them fun and lucrative collectibles.
    3. Sports Memorabilia
      If you are lucky enough to acquire a piece of sports history, chances are it might be worth something in the future. Take for example, baseballs. Home run baseballs that broke records such as, for example, Mark McGwire’s home run ball that broke Roger Maris’ single season home run record, can be worth up to multi-millions of dollars. Game memorabilia, pennants, collectors’ cards and other sports items all have the potential to be lucrative investments as collectibles.
    4. Model Trains
      Model Trains such as Lionel Trains are both a good thing to collect and a lot of fun. Trains are one of those collectibles that you can still take out of the box and play with, without ruining the value of the train. As many hobbyists know, some toy trains have become highly sought after antiques.
    5. Pocket Watches
      The pocket watch may have gone out in style some time ago, but that has just increased the value of antique pocket watches. Many pocket watches represent fine hand-craftsmanship that shows the detail, skill and dedication of the watchmaker. Many intricately-designed pocket watches are appreciated more for the art than the watch itself.
    6. Oil Lamps
      Oil lamps are another item that, despite going out of style long ago, still have quite a demand today. Many oil lamps are exquisitely designed with intricate details. Original globes that sit atop the lamp only add to the value.
    7. Stamps
      With the emergence of email, text messages and ways to communicate other than by letter, the stamp has lost much of its appeal. Rare stamps, however, could not be more in demand. A single antique stamp not only holds quite a bit of history, it could also potentially be worth thousands of dollars.
    8. Coins
      Like stamps, rare and antique coins are also a popular collectible. Many antique coins come in different denominations form today’s coins, while others are made out of different materials depending on the time period. For example, different types of silver dollars were made during certain time periods in American history. Many were a limited edition, making them immensely valuable in today’s market.
    9. Furniture
      Forms of craftsmanship can come in all shapes and sizes, including furniture. Furniture from different time periods and countries is often highly sought after because many pieces are one-of-a-kind. Without manufacturing plants, hand-crafted furniture pieces show the art and detail of the craftsmen.
    10. Comic Books
      Memorable things from one’s youth can turn out to be hot collectors items. Comic books are equal parts nostalgia, collectors’ items and antiques. Depending on the condition, rare comic books can be worth thousands of dollars. Early Spiderman, Superman and Batman comic books routinely sell for four to five digit sums.

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