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    Low cost flights….Click to find a bargain. Everyone fly’s into Cancun. It’s not hard to find a $99 flight. Remember they add tax to the price. A round trip from Chicago is about $330 total cost. Very important….find out if they charge for luggage, if they do your cheap flight may not be a deal. Here is a secret, go to American Airlines and click on the logo that says "Lowest Price Guaranteed." Be prepared to….buy it now. If you go back in an hour the price will probably go up. I don’t know how but the computer at times will try to punish you.   

    Passport….If you fly you must have a passport. If you are driving a passport card is ok. On the airplane you will fill out a simple form for customs and they will give you a 180 day visa. Keep it with you at all times. Going through customs is quick and easy. 

    Safety….Cancun is the safest city in all Mexico, it is not a boarder town. Tourism is a huge part of their economy and they do protect the tourist.

    Why are you coming to Cancun?….most likely the weather and the beautiful beaches. You may be coming to party, visit some of the historic sights or just to relax and do nothing. So plan your trip.

    Where should I stay?….Lot’s of choices on the hotel zone. Most are all inclusive and include food and drinks. Be careful everyone is selling time share…not a good deal. For the more adventures a room in Cancun can be fun. A chance to see the real Mexico with much lower prices. Their are some nice hostels for about $10 to $15 a night.

    A must do….See one of the seven wonders of the world, The pyramids of Chichen Itza, do some homework and Google it for more information about Mayan Ruins. It is about a 2 hour comfortable bus ride from Cancun.

    Anyone can learn to snorkel…. A beauty that words can’t express below the beautiful Caribbean.Their are plenty of snorkeling tours available from $25.

    Cenote….Dive in a freshwater cave. 15 miles south of Cancun in the little fishing village of Puerto Morelos it is a unbelievable experience. Make sure you ware a mask or goggles to see the underwater prism. Some of the cenote’s have a zip line for even more excitement.

    Don’t speak Spanish?….do not worry many people speak English if your in the hotel zone. If your in town you will quickly learn to talk with your hands and point. It can be fun !

    Credit Cards….Most places take cards. Make sure you tell your bank you are coming to Mexico if you don’t, your card will not work. If you are taking money out of a ATM remember you are taking out pesos not dollars. So 1000 pesos are about $90 US dollars. Instructions are usually in Spanish and English.

    Most places have wireless internet so bring your laptop and make sure you email your friends back home so you can make them jealous. So enjoy your trip to Cancun and have "The Time of your Life."  







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