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    Rust is one of the most dreaded damages to a car. Rust on a car can bring down the value immensely and lead to spreading. If you have found rust on your car, it is extremely important to take care of the problem as soon as you can. Knowing how to fix rust on a car is a great way to keep your car driving for a long time. Here is a basic strategy on how to fix rust on your car.

    Things You’ll Need:

    • Rubbing alcohol

    • Fine/coarse sandpaper

    • Glazing putty

    • Primer

    • Car paint

    Let’s Begin!

    Step 1: Look over your car regularly. Even if you find small rust spots around the fender or on the hood of your car, you’ll need to fix the rust. Rust is very common along door hinges and on the edges of the car’s hood. Fixing rust on a car hood is important for cosmetic value if you ever want to resell the car. d

    Step 2: Use a patch of rubbing alcohol to fix rust on your vehicle. Dab the spots lightly to remove any loose deposits of the rust. Rub the peeling paint from the around the rust with a light grit sandpaper. This will remove some of the paint, but not all of it. This is essential for losening the paint without making more scratches to paint that could be okay.

    Step 3: Scrape away the paint with a coarse sandpaper until you get down where the paint is not affected by the rust.When you start scraping the paint, you might find that more of the car has been affected than you thought. This is okay. Just scrape the paint until you get to a good portion of the paint. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the rust specks from the car. This is the most effective way to remove the specks without damaging the paint around the rust deposit.If you use a wet rag, you risk not getting all of the loose paint off of the vehicle.

    Step 4: Apply a glazing putty to the rust and make it as smooth as possible. This will fill all of the cracks and scratches to the paint. Allow the putty to dry and then apply your primer to car. Wait for the primer to dry. This will usually take a couple of hours, but if the car is outside on the summer day, it could take less time.

    Step 5: Go to an auto-shop and get your car model’s paint. Finding the exact paint color for your car is important so make sure that it’s right. If you can’t find the paint at a local shop, go to an online store.Apply the paint to the car and then wait for the paint to dry. You might want to put your car in your garage while the paint dries so no leaves or dirt blow into the paint.


    Rust on any car is unsightly. If you have found rust on any part of your car, the best thing to do is be proactive. Learning how to fix rust yourself is not too difficult if the damage is minor to mild. If you have a lot of damage, you might need to seek professional help in order to fix rust on your car. Either way, getting to the rust early is the best way to ensure a long life for your vehicle’s body.

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