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    Many people do not realize that having a kitchen that is both efficient and colorful does not mean spending a small fortune.  Sometimes, kitchen organizers can be recycled from old dishes and if you like to entertain at home, some of these inexpensive storage tips will definitely be a conversation piece.

    • Coffee cans –  used to store any item that can stand upright
    • Decorative gift bags – can be used as light storage for small bulk items such as coffee, candy, grains or nuts
    • "Texas" tumbler cups – when these get old, can be used for storing bagged spices or coffee
    • Retro tins – make excellent candy dishes and the tight storage keeps freshly ground coffee from going stale
    • Salad spinners – sometimes the mechanism that spins the vegetables will wear out but the strainer can be used for rinsing vegetables and the bowl can be used as a fruit or snack bowl

    If you have a crafty side, here is an organization idea you may want to try out-

    Using a new shoe box as wall shelving.  By cutting lengthwise down the middle, discard one half and score the oher about one inch on bottom and side so it will fold backwards.  Take other half and cut out one side to make a backing that will be nailed or adhered to the wall.  Once fitted to your liking, glue back and folded box together.  To make more secure, use remaining pieces of shoebox and glue to bottom so it will hold more weight.

    Once dried, you can decorate with tape (these are sold singular at the store for less than five dollars each), paint or decoupage.

    Finally, if you don’t know what to do with those old floppy disks, cover with a double layer of tape and use as a coaster!

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