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    Living room storage can be an issue for all of us.  There are many inexpensive storage ideas that will work in your home.  Many of your existing living room furniture pieces can perform double duty.

    Storage Bench 

    Storage benches come in a variety of styles.  Some have a cushioned top and open up hinge style.  Others are open underneath with space for baskets to be stored.  It’s a great way to store items out of sight  and also have extra seating.  Some ideas for placement are under a window or as a replacement for a piano bench. 


    Another idea is to purchase a bookshelf with vertical dividers that form “cubbies”.  You can place baskets in each cubby for hidden storage or you can display photos and books.  Baskets can be very stylish and are great for concealing any number of toys, books, games, etc.  You could also use a bookshelf you already own, place it in your living room and find baskets that fit on the shelves.  Baskets are fairly inexpensive to purchase and are available in many sizes.  This is way to hide all of your extra items as well as having them be easily accessible.

    Entertainment Unit

    Another idea is an entertainment unit with doors for hidden storage.  They are available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes and are a perfect storage solution for hiding clutter. Baskets or containers inside would provide you with more organization. 

    Storage Ottoman

    Instead of having a  wooden or glass coffee table,  you can use a  storage ottoman.  The fabric and color choices are almost endless so you can find one that suits your decor and budget.  It will add storage and extra seating without taking up any extra room.  You can place a tray on top when entertaining and have a perfect place for food and drinks. 

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    In my living room, there are so many ottomans that I have lost count. I really love the idea whereby we can have a seat while concealing all the loose items lying around all over the area. The magazines go in there, extra cushions, and many more things which are often left visible on table tops and couches. My coffee table also has a hidden storage underneath it to further maximize storage space in the living room.

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