1. This is the fourth article in the Healthy Eating/Organic Gardening series. It is my hope that my readers will see how easy and frugal it is to grow their own, organic foods. Gardening is a great way to save money at the grocery store, and the food you grow organically will be healthier for you.

    Fruits and berries (especially berries!) are much more frugal when grown organically, in your own garden. Seeds cost next to nothing, though berry starts are costly to begin with. Berries will grow year-to-year, if kept up with, and will therefore save you a good amount of money over time. Wild berries may be  found on family members’ land or in other places. Be sure that you are allowed to take these from the wild in your area. This will save you a good amount of money.

    Organic fruits and berries are more nutritious than their commercially grown counterparts. They aid you in maintaining better health. Organic blueberries, for instance, aid in urinary tract health. They also  help with brain function, as well as other health concerns.

    The articles 10 Fruits for Your Frugal Garden or Orchard and 10 Berries (and Fruits) for Your Frugal Garden will help you to decide where to start with your garden efforts in these areas. The articles are found on the Frugal Recipes blog on WordPress.

    Using the fruits and berries in recipes, once they have been harvested, is not difficult. You can make jams and jellies, pies and salads. You will also be able to make homemade breads, pancakes and other foods using your harvested food goods.

    Preserve fruits and berries in different ways. Freezing and canning are common, as is drying. This will allow you to stock your pantry for the winter.

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