What are the benefits of becoming an Experts123 Contributor?

Share your knowledge and experience while earning money for your articles and answers to user questions!  Gain revenue from your writing and expand your business' online presence through Experts123.  We have the tools to promote your brand, your writing skills, your expertise, and yourself, all while getting paid!

How do I earn money?

In order to start making money from your work, you must Apply to be an Expert Contributor. Once your application and writing samples are approved, you will gain access to the Assignments which can be viewed under your My Profile Page.

Once you have chosen an assignment, you must complete it by the due date, which is listed next to the topic before you commit to it.

Assignments can be both quick answers or short articles.  Here are the assignment options:

  1. Revenue Share Answers - Through our Revenue Share Answers program, writers are able to answer select Revenue Share Questions for a profit.  The profit will be determined by how many users visit your page.
  2. Articles - You can write articles and earn revenue based on the amount of traffic your page gets.

Attention Premier Writers: For those writers with superior creativity and writing skills, you can earn up to $20 per 350-600 word article when you write an article that is labeled "Work for Hire" status (WFH).
**Showcase your skills by accepting revenue share assignments and you will be quickly upgraded to WFH status.

How do I make sure my assignments are of the highest quality?

Here are a few suggestions to make your assignments reflect the best of your writing ability:

  • Ensure that all of your submissions are proof-read, with no spelling errors, correct punctuation, and following the style guides.
  • Make your articles witty, creative, and fun to read.
  • Don't waste words - Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases (AKA: "Filler and Fluff").
  • Organize your writing logically and make one subject seamlessly flow into the next.

**We give special consideration to writers who consistently use AP Style writing.

What expertise or skills do I need in order to write for Experts123?

We are seeking writers who can be creative and witty, while providing expert answers and articles on an ever-growing number of topics.

We also try to create articles that meet the interests and expertise that our writers include on their profiles. If you are an excellent writer who knows how to keep a reader engaged, we would love to have you on board!

Why should I become an Experts123 Contributor instead of creating my own blog?

Why not do both?! Experts123 lets you expand your online presence while linking to your existing websites and blogs. Create a link network and get yourself recognized as a top contributor and expert!

Our Expert Contributors gain visibility through our site's presence on other sites and search engines.

Take advantage of this opportunity to earn money and showcase your expertise, while gaining traffic to your blog or website.

What topics can I write about?

There is an endless amount of topics that we need for our Experts community.

We’re interested in anything and everything that you may have expertise in. As long as you have credible subject matter knowledge and can write good engaging content, then the topics are up to you.

There are also topics that we specifically will request Expert Contributors to write articles for and answer questions on. You’ll be able to see these in our Article Desk once you’re approved as an Expert Contributor, and choose which ones are relevant to your knowledge.

Feel free to check out the Style Guide and the Assignments FAQ for more information.

How do I make sure I get as much traffic to my page as possible?

The best way to get traffic to your page is to do your best work and to tell as many people as possible about your work on Experts123!

A great way to increase traffic is by linking to your assignments using social networking tools like Facebook or Twitter.  Get your friends to join Experts123, and you can contribute to each other's traffic, too.

How do I sign up?

Want to expand your presence fast? Create a quick Experts123 user account here: http://www.experts123.com/users/signup

Want to become a paid Expert Contributor? Go to http://www.experts123.com/users/contributors/apply and get started!

Here are some additional things to take into account:

  • You'll need to submit some writing samples and fill out a quick form, then wait for approval.
  • All users have full-access to the profile information page to showcase their expert skills.
  • All paid contributors must complete their profiles and upload a professional head shot image.
  • If you only want to be a user on Experts123, all you need to do is create a username and password.  You will still have a full profile page that describes who you are.
  • Your email will not be visible to users unless you add it to your "My Profile" page.

Still have questions?

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