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Amanda Zappola

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Languages: English

Freelance Writer/Micro-Consultant, Mother and Coffee Snob

I love to live and I live to drink coffee. But seriously, I am a wife and mother of three, living a glorious sober life in Las Vegas Nevada. I am self employed and I love what I do.



I have experience and expertise on many coffee related topics. I buy my own coffee beans green in bulk and I roast my coffee at home. I do not use pop corn makers or expensive roasting equipment. I am familiar with many brewing processes, and I support the fair trade initiatives. I like knowing which cooperatives my distributors work with and I only purchase single origin beans.



I am happily married woman and mother of three. I am a self employed micro-consultant and freelance writer/editor. I have always been a solution focused person and no-where in life have I come across more problems in need of practical solutions than in my marriage. I am proud to say that 9 years later I have achieved an advanced level of success in this area. From issues such as infidelity and polyamory, to the evolving nature of the parental roles, I have had some degree of experience that can be beneficial to another person.


Freelance Writer & Micro-consultant

Self Employed
Las Vegas
November 1, 2007 -
I am Freelance Writer/ Editor and Micro-consultant.



College of Southern Nevada