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Esther Barmore

Location: Cuba, New Mexico

Languages: English

A short bio at my age? Even using single words not sentences would be long.

i've been an activist, a Mom, a waitress (in both diners and gourmet restaurants), a construction helper, an office worker. First worked on computers when they took up entire rooms, and used keypunch tapes. Ended my work life with 9.5 yrs of maintaining the employee database for a large University and support work for other sections of Human Resou...




Have meditated for 2/3 of my life. Have had the Silva Method training and at one point participated in Silva Graduates group for several years. Experimenting with psychometry, remote healing, using meditation to improve my quality of life physically and emotionally, also toset goals and move towards them.


i learned to read at age 4 and by 6 i was reading at an adult level. My father taught me to use reference materials (dictionary, encyclopedias) very early in life as well. He also gave me my first training in critical thinking, encouraging questioning everything, including my own first reactions and the pronouncements of authority figures. i can usually think of at least 2 or 3 options to solve any practical problem within the parameters of things like budget, what is realistically able to be done etc. For social and emotional problems i can also suggest solutions that will fit with the individual's value system. Sometimes it is a matter of looking at the problem from other points of view, or giving oneself permission to take care of oneself first. (You're not much good to others if you don't take good care of you---you burn out.)




Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi