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Lacy Sheridan

Location: Nampa, Idaho

Languages: English , Arabic

Published Fantasy Author, Professional Artist, and Aspiring Dog Trainer

My name is Lacy. I live in Idaho and have 3 passions in life: animals, writing, and art. I have lived with animals all my life and owned everything from dogs and cats to rodents and reptiles. My goal is to in the future train service dogs and to accomplish that I've been studying canine behavior and training for 3 years and have worked with dogs fo...



I have been a pet owner my entire life. Over the years I have owned mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, many kinds of fish, geckos, frogs, hermit crabs, and many cats and dogs. I have studied canine and feline behavior as well as the needs of all of the animals I have owned and others.


I am currently studying to become a professional dog trainer and have been studying animal behavior for 3 years now. Canine behavior is my specialty but I am knowledgeable in a wide range of animals.




Snuggles' Ice Cream Bar
September 1, 2016 -
One-on-one and group dog training using positive reinforcement methods, tailored to an individual dog's needs.

Camp Counselor

Camp Bow Wow
June 1, 2015 - December 1, 2016
Open-play dog daycare and boarding facility

Assistant Trainer

Off the Leash Dog Training
May 1, 2015 -
Original artwork and handmade accessories


High School

Renaissance High School