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Leticia Aquarius

Location: United States

Languages: English , French , Spanish

I am a foodie. I love anime and video games. I am not a girls girl. I think I was meant to be a boy but I still like some girly things so I guess I am in between. I have loved fashion since I was 7 and pursued my degree in that area. I have a knack for giving advice and am always asked for it.



Have been doing research for over 5 years and follow a holistic lifestyle. Health starts from the inside out. Natural is always best!


I currently have a jewelry venture that I've been doing for over 6 years. I design jewelry using metals, semi-precious and precious stones. I also deal a lot with crystals. Working on getting a gemologist certificate.


I have a BBA in Fashion Merchandising and Management. Did visual merchandising for retail stores for over 5 years. Was a stylist in retail and freelance for a combined 5 years.


Founder and Designer

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February 1, 2014 -
Jewelry Metals, semi-precious stones, precious stones and crystals. Accessories for men and women (and KIDS!)



Berkeley College