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Melody Nolan

Location: Sacramento, California

Languages: English

My personal slogan is "Embrace Uniqueness."

I have always had a passion for helping people. At the age of ten, I began volunteering at a convalescent hospital. As time went on, I taught piano to special needs students, worked in a children's shelter, was a foster parent, and assisted seniors in understanding state and federal documents I continue to engage in these activities. I also researc...






Advocate/Life Coach/Freelance Writer

Quality Creativity, LLC (in process)
Services provided are: (1) Short-term Life Coaching for low-income seniors and people with physical and psychiatric challenges. My experience comes from formal education, my work with others, and my own efforts to increase my quality of life. *I am NOT a licensed therapist or intern. Due to licensing requirements, this service is only available to California residents. (2) Advocacy as desired and appropriate. * I am not an attorney and CANNOT give legal advice. (3) Assistance finding an engaging with resources specific to your needs. (4) Assistance with freelance writing when you have a story to tell.