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Beverly Bowman

Location: NorthCarolina

Languages: English

Inspiring motivation through words. What we say to ourself determines our success level in life

I am the type of person who does not take herself to seriously.  I believe we were all born. And we are all going to Die.  Everything good that happens to us in between is a blessing from God.

I also believe that laughter can get you through any situation that life throws at you. The Bible says that laughter is the best medicine. L...


Writing & Publishing

I love to write!  Writing gives me the ability to express myself through words that can change the lives of others.   What we say about ourselves determines our success in life. Through writing positive, inspiring words.  This allows the reader to grasp a thought, an idea about something they had never thought of before.  Hearing the right words is essential to the thought process. Change your words. Change your thought process. Change your thought process, change your life. I also believe in paying it forward.  There are a lot of hurting people out here. If they could hear the tight words. It will open up all kinds of positive possibilities.

Grant Writing Consultanting

I have a Grant Writing Certification.  A lot of people have a passion for what they want to do. They see that their passion can also be an asset to their community.   For a lot of these passions, the money is not always there.  Having grant-writing skills allows me to guide them through the grant writing process.  Grant Writing is a process that one must follow.  Without the proper format and information through research and the proper protocol determines whether you receive funds or not.  My expertise in knowing the ins and outs of this strict process helps the client present their grant application in a professional manner.



Bee's Baggs
Spring Lake
February 9, 2008 - July 9, 2018
I have a small home-based high-end handbag business. I sell high-end handbags and some accessories such as perfume, keychains.



Fayetteville Tech Community College


Fayetteville Tech Community College