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emeryne mushimiyimana

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Languages: English

African-American originally from Rwanda

I'm in the 11th grade and I'm a very hard working person. I live my life as I should and i don't allow others to control how I live or tell me what to do. I do everything in my ability to be successful and be who I really am. I love dancing and learning new things as well, but I also enjoy volleyball and basketball.



Everyone longs for the type of relationship that is healthy and easy to communicate along with. Now and days it's very hard to keep a relationship within people because they just jump to conclusions without thinking. I want to help people out and work out there problems so that they don't loose the people they care about over something petty and not worth fighting over. Back in the old days I had a great friend I use to tell everything too, I let people get in the middle of our relationship and it fell apart. We were no longer friends and it ticked me off and I just don't want others to go through what I been through because I can actually help. It's painful and it's not the feeling that anyone wants to experience. Whether then to suffer it's better to recover


Family problems are not always easy to deal with and half of the times they are more complicated then they seem. There is a lot to deal with and there are also a lot of suffering, but with the help of a friend you are likely to get through it and find ways to work things out to make it a loving family. No matter how much problems we face in an everyday life it's not difficult to make up and deal with the situation the right way.


Love can either hurt or feel good. Trust me I been there and loving someone who doesn't love you back is the worst you could ever do. In your eyes you are just taken by the good characteristics of his and you are blinded by his love. Not knowing that they actually have other plans in mind and most likely they are cheating behind your back. Though it doesn't work that way for all people, because out there somewhere there is that one person who is willing to be faithful and settle down with you. Loving you each step of the way and opening up to you with no regrets. Showing you the real meaning of love which makes you feel good within the heart and makes you want to be in the sky.



High School

englewood high school