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Joseph Emmett

Location: Texas

Languages: English, Very little spanish

Working Class male with a great childhood,who learned of lifes slings and arrows on the road to helping his fellow man.

I am a christian male, believer in a sabbath. I enjoy all things in the security business except for the large companies who I had worked for. Those companies in my opinion are not the first choice for meeting your needs or doing business with. I have found them to be not concerned with anything but making profits despite how may pictures of grandf...


Alarms Install

Due to my 30 years of experience, knowing what not to do is equally as knowing what to do. Like farmers I have seen just about all there  is to see in alarm installs the good bad and ugly.

Alarms service

I have done at least 16k service calls in my 30 years in the field. I have seen alot of customers who had drive by installs. Installs usually botched in the name of hurry up and get paid by every big company who has alot of this bad technique organically created by piece rate and service and install metrics. Techs who would remove doors and windows from even being protected so they dont get rated badly on getting repeat calls. Techs who program devices out of the system without your knowledge.  I have serviced every panel you can think, hard wired and wireless minus simply safe.

Camera troubleshooting

Basic things you can do to determine problems with your cameras and dvr and nvr if you have one. Advice on what to buy or not buy in security cameras.


service and install

All the big alarm companies 30 years



Graduate School

Alarm Training