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Khristin Cantin

Location: Alabama

Languages: English

I run an online store for custom designed yoga mats

I have knowledge in many different areas. I have been working from home for about 4 years and learned a lot of useful information along the way.



I run an online E-commerce store where I sell products from my own website. I also sell on some of the more popular market places. I have knowledge in setting up a website and web store and also in drop shipping products.

cricut expressions machine

I know how to operate cricut expression machines and also how to use design space to create cuts.

adult chat host operator

I can help with many topics for those working as an adult chat host.



November 15, 2018 -
I currently run a business online, I have my own website and sell on some of the more popular marketplaces. I can help with learning how and where to set up your own website. What market places are the most successful. And how to  sell online without having to buy products up front.


High School

Murphy High School