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lebogang temba

Location: Pretoria

Languages: English , Zulu

A 21 year old young women,born in the 90's,brought up by a single strong women in the outskats of pretoria... old soul at heart.

A lover of life at large my greatest passion is simply to live not mearly just exist but to live a full filled life.iv joined this programme because i have a strong sense of compssion and i am very inquisitive by nature.this platform will surely Help me be of assistance to you need.



This tag holds an ambrella for any imaginable crises,need one may find themselves in.we all experience some type of pain sometime in our lives.It may be traumer from a tradegy such as death,anxiety feeling alone or dis-orientated,Feelings of guilt or being overwhelmed by every day life routines such as work.


There are different kinds of relationship between family,friends,colliques,Neighbours,A relationship with the law,boyfriend,husband,a relationship with a higher power ever a relationship with self falls under this category



financial sales advisor

outsurance insurance
September 1, 2014 -
Job specification would entail giveing advice to clients on different short term insurance packages/premium that would best fit their profile.


Graduate School

university of south africa