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Philip de Souza

Location: Los Angeles, California

Languages: English , Portuguese , Czech

Systems, Network, and Database Administrator with extensive experience in data migration, customization, implementation, sales automation, and end-user training for multiple CRM platforms since 2001 (including Microsoft CRM, Salesforce, GoldMine, & HEAT).



Philip's career in CRM began as a technical analyst for GoldMine (CRM) Software Corp., back in 2000. A year later he was asked to become a Consultant Trainer due to his grasp on the subject and his substantial interpersonal communication skills. Seeing the grass being greener for the consultants themselves, however, this is the path he took and so Philip worked as a CRM Consultant for Automated Resource Management, a CRM Technical Consultant for Sphinx Group, and then Senior CRM Consultant for 180° Solutions, Inc., before starting out with his own company,, selling a highly sought manual for users of GoldMine Sales & Marketing. Having acquired certifications in Microsoft CRM, Frontrange HEAT, and provided technical and training services for SalesForce clients as well, Philip joined IT Strategists as their Head of CRM back in 2006. Social CRM being the next phase of this ever-evolving and unique market sector, Philip will continue to deliver highlights on some of the more exciting aspects of this field.


Microsoft Certified SQL Database Administration - fluent with MS SQL 7 through to MS SQL 2008 R2.