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Rhan Sotelo

Location: 285 Gabihan, San Ildefonso Bulacan, Philippines

Languages: English, Tagalog

Nurse to Tech support to Online freelancer

I used to work as Nurse. Due to low salary and opportunity i shifted career to BPO. I became a Tech support for 2 years. The working location was really far and i got feed up and tired or travelling everyday. On the top of that, being always on graveyard shift took a toll on my health. So i quit. Then i became a clinic nurse. Again, office hours is...


tech support

i used to troubleshoot hardware and software issues on POS, Network issue and even back office stuff.

art and craft

I'm an art lover. I do paintings, sculptures, charcoal painting, soft pastel and even henna tattoo.

a nurse

I'm a registered nurse by profession. We nurses are pond of giving health teachings and even medical advises.