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I am 53 years old. He studied at the physical and mathematical school. Then University. Since childhood, I have been interested in travel, website development, design. Currently, I am studying and promoting on the Internet modern robots for children of various ages. He created the site: on which he laid out the best robo...


Robosen T9 Robot

PLAY FOR FUN & LEARNING Creative coding is fun and easy. Youngsters and adults alike can learn to programme in a fun and immersive way. Scratch Programming: T9 has modular programming capabilities for multi-interfaces of animation and graph. It uses a scratch programming system to convert obscure programming code into easy-to-understand graphical operations. 3D Programming: T9 is equipped with 22 active joints to support programming of hundreds of movements and notes. With simple motion memory as well as drag-and-drop combinations, you can create your own movements and notes that inspire the imagination. Robosen T9 will be launched via a crowdfunding campaign with rewards for early adopters with special deals and pricing. THE REAL TRANSFORMERS ARE COMING AUTOMATIC TRANSFORMING ROBOTS Robosen Intelligent recently unveiled their most advanced programmable robot.  T9 is a complex transformer robot with intelligent programming and AR games. CES 2019 will likely be best remembered as the show that brought real transformers to global consumers. The new Transformer T9, created by Robosen over the last three years, is a highly agile robot that can automatically transform between humanoid and car form, is fully programmable and also includes games. To make all of this magic work seamlessly together, the T9 uses 22 separate, highly advanced servo motors controlled by a dynamic robotics system developed exclusively by Robosen.

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Thanks to Hollywood blockbusters, cartoon characters have become new heroes of our children. Interactive toys based on these characters like Spiderman and Superman etc. have also become very popular among young children. One such example is an interactive Sandman, which is a character taken from Spiderman series. It works on batteries and has multiple articulation points. The button press creates Sandman voice and other cool effects.

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For younger lots too, there is no shortage of interactive toys. The interactive screen that teaches alphabets, numbers, and colors and other basic concepts are one of the traditional interactive toys available in the market. There are now far more sophisticated and revised versions of the same toy. Now you can find a robot for all ages that will not only offer amusement but will also help your child creatively learn new concepts. Robo-Panda is one such example; it's an interactive toy that doesn't require a remote control. One can say it's a miniature version of a highly advanced robot that works based on the theory of Artificial Intelligence and awareness. It has a touch sensor and responds to the sounds around it. It can be operated in different modes where it will talk to you, return to your questions, sing for you, make you laugh with its jokes and also explain, in its own words, as to how to use and play with it. So if you like interactive toys, or want to gift one, then you have a whole range of toys to choose from.