Where are the Best Resorts?

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Agree to Allan Octesa! Koh Samui seems to be a piece of paradise on Earth. After a hectic work year, this was the perfect place to be with my wife and kids. So many places to visit, such a suitable climate, and the last but not the least - affordable prices! We could afford to rent the whole villa via http://yourkohsamuivillas.com/ for almost a month! Our villa was like a home away from home, but with a mesmerizing view! 

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As I am from London I would like to suggest you to take a visit of Flamingo Land, its ultimate Theme Park attraction & the UK's most visited Zoo, plus a luxury Resort Village.


try to go to koh samui island in thailand, they have lots of nice and cheap resorts with best view around the world


There are amazing resorts in Antigua, Mexico, Bermuda...

Here you can some of the best places in the word :D


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