Acai Side Effects - Does Acai Berry Fruit Have Any Side Effects?

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While the Western society is craving for Acai berry right now, a portion of it remains wary of its side effects. It is perhaps still too early for them to accept the fruit unconditionally although researches have shown that it is totally safe for general health improvement and weight loss. When we discuss about Acai berry side effects, it should be known that it contains substances which are available elsewhere too. It is not a magical fruit, it contains antioxidant, minerals, vitamins and fats just like other fruits like oranges, grapes, pineapples and even green tea. It is true that Acai berry has some side effects, but the effects are mild at best, nothing more than what a cup of coffee could do to you. It does induce a stimulant effect due to its theobromine content, giving you improved energy level throughout the day. However, it may be wise to avoid taking it in large doses if you have stimulant intolerance, otherwise you may feel palpitations or difficulties in falling asleep. more
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