All breeds of dog bite. Are pit bulls really more dangerous than other dogs?

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Unfortunately, yes, pit bulls are very dangerous. When a labrador, collie or other dog bites, you might end up with a bruise or, in some cases, a puncture wound. When a pit bull attacks, you may end up maimed for life or, in many cases, dead. Every legitimate study conducted in America, including the study by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, has demonstrated that pit bull bites are more likely to result in a fatality than bites or attacks by any other breed. Pit bulls account for less than 3- 4% of the dogs in our country. Yet a study from 1979 through 1988 released by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that pit bulls accounted for 42% of all dog-related deaths. Another study conducted in 1982 through 2006 similarly concluded that 44% of all fatalities from dog attacks involved pit bulls. And the numbers are getting worse. The JAMA article reported that in the most recent years of the study (1987-1988), pit bulls accounted for 62% of the deaths. Another ... more
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