Although I installed the newest version of Lookeen, I got the error message: "Lookeen has a problem opening Outlook item."?

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In order to track moved or deleted emails, the origin- and the target folder have to be indexed. E.g. if you delete an email the folder "Deleted Items" has to be in the index, too. If not, Lookeen is not able to know where the email is going. Please check in Options>Indexer, if all affected folders (folders from or in which you are moving emails) are selected and in the index. If you update Lookeen from an older version to the version 638 (or newer) you have to do a complete reindex. Moved or deleted emails done with an older version are not trackable for Lookeen. This will first work with 638. If so, please go to Options>Indexer and click on "Clear index". more
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