Any specific recommendations for reputable books, DVDs or Web sites to look for when starting a yoga practice?

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Tanya says: Book: BKS Iyengar Light on Yoga. This book is a classic. My personal bias is that every yoga practitioner should start with Iyengar to really dial in his or her anatomical alignment and body awareness before progressing on to other types of asana practice. I personally feel that Iyengar's emphasis on alignment and injury prevention allows you to develop a strong foundation from which you can become your own best teacher, which hopefully leads to a solid home practice. Better yet, if you do end up in a class with an unqualified teacher it gives you the ability to know your limits, correct your posture, and make sure not to injure yourself. DVD: I know I can speak for Tracy, too, when I recommend Shiva Rea's Shakti Yoga. True, it's pretty soulful stuff and if you're not quite buying the whole ecstatic dance + water lapping the shore + breathy voiceover then let me sell you on the workout alone: the yoga matrix is effing incredible. You will never be bored again. This DVD ...
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