Are all the cast members of The Waltons still alive today?"

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John Walton, Sr. * o Actors: Ralph Waite, Andrew Duggan (pilot) o Profile: The family patriarch, John is a hard-working, industrious man who runs a small family sawmill on his acreage at the base of Walton's Mountain. He is normally very good-natured and wise, and is fearless, ready to stand up to a challenge and tell it like it is. These personality traits sometimes cause him to be very brash, even towards his children and wife on occasion, and he is prone to falling into the mindset of a workaholic when greatly stressed. He is a World War I veteran. Despite his Baptist upbringing, John is somewhat non-religious (the main point of contention in a few episodes) in contrast to his wife, Olivia. The pilot episode indicates that he dies in the year 1969, although the final reunion movie indicates he is still alive and apparently healthy in 1970. [edit] Olivia Walton * o Actresses: Michael Learned (Seasons 1–8), Patricia Neal (pilot) o Profile: While John is the tough-skinned, ...
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