Are Angels Different than Spirit Guides?

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1 Answer

Angels and spirit guides are similar in that they are all unseen helpers who assist us when we need them. They are usually benevolent, loving creatures who have our best good in mind. In fact, many people consider them one and the same, and make no distinction between their "angel" and their "spirit guide." But regardless of what we label them, they do take on two different types of roles and it is helpful to call them by different names according to the nature of their work. Angels - Providers of Comfort, Influence, & Protection Angels usually appear in times when you need comfort, support, or encouragement. They can provide a strong, reassuring presence that soothes our bodies and minds and reminds us that we are not alone. Angels can also provide guidance that we might experience as a gut feeling or a whim to do one thing or another, turn down one street instead of another, pick up a certain book instead of another - to lead to a certain positive outcome or avoid an undesirable ... more
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