Are babies being implanted with VeriChip microchips?

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1 Answer

As of this writing, there are no credible reports of babies being implanted with VeriChip or other implantable microchip devices. However, hospitals around the country (including half of the hospitals in Ohio) have recently begun affixing an RFID bracelet known as the "Xmark" onto babies' ankles at birth for identification and anti-abduction purposes. The RFID ankle bracelets are distributed by Xmark Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VeriChip Corporation. In May 2008, the VeriChip Corporation entered negotiations to sell the Xmark division to Stanley Works.87 It should be noted that baby abductions from hospitals are extremely rare. According to a January 2003 report by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), out of approximately 4.2 million births per year at 3,500 birthing centers in the United States, abductions by non-family members are estimated between 0 and 12 children per year. Of those, the baby is reunited with the mother 95 percent of the ... more
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