Are Centipedes Poisonous in Hawaii?

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1 Answer

What do I do if I am bitten by a centipede? The answers from the Poison Control Center will surprise you. Identifying the Centipede The Scoloprndra Suspinipes has a dark green segmented body which is long and flat. This centipede has a brown head with antennas. Underneath the head the powerful venomous jaws hide. The centipedes scurry on 42 legs. The back two legs are more prominent due to their function for clasping prey. Mature centipedes can get up to 10 inches in length. Are Centipedes Poisonous in Hawaii? According to the Poison Control Center these centipedes are not toxic, although, they do leave a painful bite. Each case should be handled by an individual basis. These bites are known to effect people differently. It's common for the bitten victim to feel excruciating pain for several hours. Some individuals experience minimal swelling while others will swell massively. People who experience massive swelling should seek medical attention. In addition, those that are ...
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