Are charcoal briquettes the same as activated charcoal?

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1 Answer

Although similar on the surface, charcoal briquettes and activated charcoal are very different. They may have a number of similar elements, namely carbon, but the properties and purity of that carbon are different, as are their uses.Chemical CompositionCharcoal briquettes contain less carbon than activated charcoal, which is often called activated carbon.Briquette ManufactureCharcoal briquettes are made with fine, powdered charcoal that sometimes contains other solids, like wood or paper. These fine materials are formed under heat and pressure into standard briquette shapes.Activated Charcoal ManufactureActivated charcoal is made at a higher temperature than charcoal in a chamber where air and oxygen is pumped out to ensure fewer impurities.Briquette UsesCharcoal briquettes are used for cooking. Although most charcoal briquettes are made from wood products, some are made from waste paper.Activated Charcoal UsesActivated charcoal is used to remove impurities from liquid streams and, ...
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