Are Chest Tubes a Contraindication for Chest Physiotherapy (CPT)?

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1 Answer

Q. Dr. Tom, I am a nurse in a cardiac surgery ICU. Our patient population requires frequent chest PT and most all of them have chest tubes. Several of our respiratory therapists have come to me saying that patients with chest tubes should not receive CPT because it is contraindicated. Is there any truth in this statement? Do you know of any research I can bring back to them to support or not support this issue. Melissa A. Dear Melissa, No, presence of chest tubes is not a contraindiction to chest physiogherapy. I know of no research that can cite from memory. Dr. Tom Statistical Information on Ventilator Beds Q. Hi Dr. Tom, I am doing research on ventilator beds throughout the country. Is there a source where I can get information on vent beds and programs across all states? Lloyd A. Dear Lloyd, Dear Loyd, I have no idea. You better go on line and search for the literature you are seeking. Dr. Tom Will Sterile Water for Tracheostomy Care Cause Pseudomonas? Q. Will using sterile water ... more
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