Are dental implants reportable for the Health Care Flexible Spending account?


If the implants are for cosmetic reasons, you cannot report them on your Flex Spending. If they are medically necessary, then they can be a reported expense. Check out IRS Publication 502 for additional allowable expenses. Health Savings Account Investments Q14: Are investment options available for dollars remaining in my HSA? A: Yes, investment options are available. Out-of-Pocket Maximums Q15: Can you give me an example of how the out-of-pocket maximum works if I have HDHP Employee Only coverage and use in-network and non-network providers? A: Only in-network costs can be used when determining if you have met your in-network out-of-pocket maximum ($3,050). If you have in-network and non-network costs, they can be combined to determine if you have met the non-network out-of-pocket maximum ($5,000). Prescriptions Q16: If I purchase my prescriptions from an out of network pharmacy, how do I make sure the expense is included in my deductible? A. You should complete a prescription claim f

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