Are floppy drives with 40 pin interface connectors even made anymore?

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1 Answer

Answer Hello Dwayne; I have never seen a 40 pin floppy cable. A 40 pin IDE (hard drive) cable yes but, floppy no. A typical floppy cable uses 34-pin edge connector. These cables are usually "keyed" meaning that they have a tab that will allow the cable to only be connected in one orientation on the board. The most common error with floppy cables is connecting them to the drive backwards. When this happens and you power up the light on the drive will remain on all the time. It causes no damage but, you will not be able to use the drive until you flip the cable on the drive. If you have a 40 pin floppy cable then you have either miscounted the female connections, confused the floppy cable for the IDE cable, or you have some very bizzare non-IEEE cable. You should be able to replace a floppy drive and cable from any computer store - they are generic and typically cost about $12 for the drive and maybe $2.50 for the cable. The drive gets screwed into the computer chassis and then two ... more
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