Are four wheelers and go-carts allowed on public roads?

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1 Answer

Four wheelers and go-carts are just two of several types of small, motorized vehicles, called "all-terrain vehicles." Others include three wheelers and six wheelers. None of these vehicles are designed for use on public roads. There are several reasons why children and adults should refrain from operating these vehicles on our streets and highways. This is, of course, particularly true of children. But no matter how mature or experienced the driver is, none of the all-terrain vehicles mentioned here are capable of performing on the road safely under normal driving conditions, and certainly not in emergency situations. State police accident records show that a number of Louisiana children and adults have been seriously injured and even killed in accidents involving all-terrain vehicles on our roadways. As a result, enforcement of laws against violators has been stepped up in many areas of the state.Stepped-up law enforcement does not mean that officers will simply tell a 14-year-old ...
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