Are grasshoppers harmful or helpful?

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On One Hand: Grasshoppers Harm Plant LifeGrasshoppers are harmful because they attack and eat every kind of plant--crops, weeds, vegetables, ornamental plants and trees. If their numbers are high enough, they will strip plants of their leaves. They will eat as long as the food supply lasts. Grasshopper outbreaks occur after many years of dry summers and warm autumns (see Reference 1).On the Other: Grrasshoppers are Part of the Food ChainAlthough grasshoppers can cause significant harm to a farmer's crops, they have evolved and acclimated to their native climates and habitats. They have become a vital part of the ecological food chain. Although they are not useful for anything else, they form a link in the food chain for birds and other animals to eat.Bottom LineGrasshoppers, although they fill a role in the food chain, are more harmful than they are helpful.
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