Are indoor bubble lights safe?

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On One Hand: Consider Modern AdvancementsBubble lights have been used for many years as Christmas tree decorations; the biggest hazard they pose is igniting a material close to the light, if the light is broken or defective. However, modern advancements such as ultra-bright LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs have made bubble lights very safe for home use.On the Other: Replace Older Bubble LightsIf you have the older variety of bubble lights--those which use incandescent bulbs--you might consider replacing them with one of the modern LED versions. LEDs are considered safer than traditional incandescent lights. The only significant drawback of LED bubble lights is that they can be more expensive than incandescent ones.Bottom LineIt really depends on your particular case: if you're more concerned with price, then consider buying incandescent bubble lights. If you are more concerned with safety, consider buying LED bubble lights. LED bubble lights are also more energy efficient than ...
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