Are ketones dangerous?

dangerous ketones

A common misunderstanding is that the presence of ketones in the urine are dangerous leading people to think that decreasing carb intake below 40 to 50 grams per day (the average ketone threshold) is unhealthy. The ability to use ketones as a source of energy for the body is programmed into our system for survival. Ketones are an alternate fuel source. The heart can use ketones for fuel under normal circumstances as can the brain. If you have ketones in your urine simply because of following an Atkins program it is actually a good sign. You are burning dietary fat and/or your excess fat stores. Another myth regarding ketones while low carbing is that they cause acidosis if you are a type 2 diabetic: this is not the case as long as blood sugar is well controlled. Ketones in the urine can be a danger sign if blood sugar is too high and insulin levels are too low. It can indicate acidosis, an abnormal condition usually occurring in people with out of control type 1 diabetes requiring imme