Are Korean beauty products better than western ones?


Korean beauty products better than western ones?

Howard A. Perez

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In my personal opinion, yes. My experience with Korean beauty products has been really positive, and I find that for the price, the products are extremely high quality. A few years back, I bought some Korean skincare products from an Asian skincare wholesale website online and I’ve been using Korean skincare ever since. 

As a western woman, it can sometimes be hard to find the right shade when it comes to make-up, however, K-beauty products are becoming more popular in the western market, so a lot of the leading brands are now making their foundations in a variety of shades. Some brands, however, only provide one or two shades that will be compatible with Asian skin tones, and for me, they are sometimes too light. Despite this, I would recommend giving Korean beauty products a try, as they use a lot of innovative ingredients and you might just find the perfect products for you.