Are Libra men jealous?


The Libra male possesses something of a lazy charm and is attractive…often without being aware of it. He has taste, is instinctively fastidious and likely to choose one of the less ordinary careers, possibly in the Arts. Although this male can be balanced on the surface, he is inwardly swayed by indecision for a great proportion of his life. This is a man who will avoid showdowns, if at all possible, about most things and dislikes serious quarrels. That having been said, he may cultivate a non-serious argument regarding emotional matters just to relieve which he perceives as tension. This is a gentle and courteous soul, but one who does have a roving eye. Reluctant to get down to main issues, he is apt to drift, adopting the course that life’s currents determine for him rather than paddle his own canoe. Always highly intelligent, the Libra male is a student of human nature, fond of a joke and able to laugh uproariously at the jokes of others. Above all, this is a man who likes fun. S