Are lortab a synthetic drug?

drug lortab synthetic

Lortab is a semisynthetic, narcotic opiate. It is derived in part from the opium plant, incuding Thebaine, and Morphine, but it is also synthetically altered to “tweak” it so to speak. It is best to remove the acetaminophen from the hydrocodone as Tylenol is terrible for your liver. There are many methods on line that will tell you how to do this. The cold water extraction method is the cheapest and easiest to separate the hydrocone from the poisonous Tylenol. Tylenol is terrible for the liver. It is called Paracetamol in Europe Oxycodone is also semisythetic. Only Morphine, Opium, Thebaine are pure extracts from the plant. Even Heroin is semi-synthetic. Methadone is compltely synthetic thus it is an opiod and not an opiate. Happy narcotic ingestion. I am on Oxycodone, Hydrocone, Tramadol, and Klonopin currently. I used to go to the Methadone clinic, but I did not like it. I was aslo never fond of sniffing Heroin. I prefer Diaudid (hydromorphone) or Opana (oxymorohone) to Heroin. Pharm