Are maggots really edible?


The problem with the meat isn’t the maggots themselves, but the other invisible organisms that have been feeding on the meat at the same time. The maggots, being alive, have functioning immune systems that kill any bacteria. There may be some bacteria clinging to the outside, but the maggots’ immune systems are designed to keep their outsides relatively clean, too. They are used to living in bacteria-filled environments and they don’t want their skins eaten. It certainly doesn’t hurt to wash them off. Often, people eating maggots don’t, because they’re usually pretty desperate by the time they’re eating the maggots, and it really isn’t going to help all that much. You can’t really scrub the maggot, which is what’s required. Mostly, you have to count on the fact that you’re only going to ingest a small number of bacteria and count on your immune system to take care of them. Many cultures eat maggots, and they often cook them rather than eat them raw. That kills the bacteria on the surfa