Are peacock feathers bad luck?


Depending on the source and your beliefs, peacock feathers can be both good-luck and bad-luck charms. There are mythologies that support both viewpoints, leading to confusion about the “lucky” nature of these feathers.HistoryEgyptian folklore tells of Argus, the main minister for Osiris, the king of Egypt. With more than one hundred spies (called “eyes”), Argus eventually took over the country while Osiris was away fighting a war. Eventually, Argus was punished and beheaded, and he then metamorphosed into a peacock with his eyes placed on each tail.MisconceptionsRumors have persisted that the idea of peacock feathers being bad luck were purposefully started in order to keep people from eating the rare and frequently treasured bird.Evil EyeA popular theory on the idea of peacock feathers as “bad luck” is that the eyes are associated with Lilith, the she-demon of Jewish mythology who would place the “evil eye” on foes.GeographyBoth Hindu and Buddhist cultures place a high value on peacoc