Are persian(iranian) people considered white?

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1 Answer

Yes Iranians are mostly white... you're right... southern parts of Iran has even African black inhabitants but as you travel upper and upper u see different types of people... for example south eastern Iranian look more like Pakistani, i don't mention Afgans because they areOriginal Persian too and they are considered white (except those mongolian Afgans, cuz look more mongols or chineese). in north eastern you can see people more like central asian (even with oriental eyes) countries like Uzbakistan. north and center of Iran has mostly white caucasian skin and western and north western parts you'll see white poeple also Turkish looks and Kurds. kurds who are considered as Original Persians therefore you can find Aryan Persians on north eastern - northern and central and northe western and western parts. at last you cant clasify Persians as Middle eastern because Middle easterns (refers to most arab countries + some northern African countries) has semitic origin and Persian have ... more
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