Are raw apricot seeds, Laetrile, or B17 illegal to buy in the USA? They are banned in North America, so whats the difference?

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No. How could they ever be? There is one apricot seed in each apricot fruit, and you can buy fresh apricots in almost any supermarket in any neighborhood in the world. If the apricot seed was illegal, the fresh fruit would be taken off the market completely! (If that ever happens we're all in BIG, BIG trouble let me tell you! LOL!) What it means is: If any hospital uses laetrile, the law says that they jeopardize any grants from the government as well as any money from Medicaid and other hospital insurance originating from the government. Since nearly all of hospital revenues come from patient insurance, not one hospital in the U.S. will take the chance and use any banned substance including, Amygdalin (also called vitamin B17, Laetrile, or apricot seeds.) Any Doctor that wants to use the substance from apricot seeds must have his/her patient fill out a form and then the doctor must submit the form to the FDA. more
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