Are restaurant workers required to wear hair nets when preparing food?

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1 Answer

Some type of hair restraint is required for anyone preparing food, either a visor, hat, hairnet, barrettes or pony tail. I'm opening my restaurant late in the year. Is the permit fee pro-rated? Unfortunately food permit fees are not pro-rated. The fee currently varies between $120 and $290 depending upon the number of seats in the establishment, whether or not it has a drive through window and whether or not it engages in catering of food. How long can my temporary food permit last? Temporary food establishment permits may only last for 14 days. If you would like to operate a temporary food establishment for longer, you must either apply for a permanent permit or close for 30 days and then re-open with a new temporary permit. I would like to open a food-based business in my home. What should I do? In general, home-based businesses (such as bakers or caterers) are prohibited. For a home food business to be permitted, the kitchen where the food is prepared must be separated from the ... more
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