Are restaurant workers required to wear hair nets?

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1 Answer

Hair nets are not required, but food handlers are required to wear some sort of hair restraint. It can be a cap, visor or a hair restraint of some sort. Is it ok to use dented cans in the restaurant? Answer: Because dented cans can have holes or compromised areas, they are not safe and should not be used. All it takes is a microscopic hole in these cans to set up dangerous bacteria like botulism and make your customers sick. Why aren't food workers allowed to have drinks in the food prep area? Answer: In a hot kitchen drink containers may sweat on the outside because of the heat. When you put the drink up to your mouth and then set the drink down on a table where your are preparing raw food, the bacteria from your mouth, can contaminate the prep table. Also, most food handlers usually forget to wash their hands after they've taken a drink, contaminating their hands which, in turn contaminates the food. Articles: What to Do Before an Inspector Visits What to Do When a Health Inspector ... more
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