Are scorpio women promiscuous or cheaters????

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I am not a Scorpio, I am a Taurus but I can try to answer I guess because I know about my male and female Scorpio friends. Yeah the Scorpio guys are really faithful to their partners, the Scorpio girls they start to be very faithful as well and very true to the partner they love but when deeply hurt or disappointed they may enjoy their freedom for some time b4 they are ready to trust a guy again. When a Scorpio woman is in love she puts heart and soul in it, deep feelings, emotions and she is emotionally possessing her partner. When hurt she would revenge because the intensity of her feelings makes her vindictive but after all she won't go back, once she makes sure she opens the new page of her life she won't repeat the old mistakes. Then after being disappointed she will take her time and she won't be prone to a serious relationship for some time but of course she would always play a fair game and say directly she just do not want commitment now to the guys she dates. One day she ... more
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